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Pontefract Music Festival 2018 Results

Class C2   Novice Junior Choir                          St Ignatius Catholic Primary School, Ossett

Class C4   Hymn/Sacred Song                          Pocklington Prep School

Class C3   Unison Singing                                Wakefield Girl’s High School

Class C6   Two Part Song                               QEGS Junior Choir

Class C5   Traditional and Modern                    Wakefield Girl’s High School

Class C7   Unison/Two part singing                   Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy

Class C8   Hymn/Sacred Song                          Hemsworth A+C Academy

Class C9   Medley-Popular Songs/

              Songs from the Shows                     Hemsworth A+C Ac

Class C12  Medley-Popular Song/

               Songs from the Shows                    Ackworth Choir

Class C19  Mixed Voice Choirs-Open                  Fairburn Singers

Class C22  Light Music-Open –                         Fairburn Singers

ClassV34   Barbershop Quartet-Male                 Late Arrivals, Bradford

Class V37  Barbershop Quartet-Female              Classique, York

Class V38  Barbershop Quartet-Mixed                Chromatones, York

Class C20  Male Voice Choirs-Open                   Castleford Male Voice Choir

Class C21  Female Voice Choirs                        Main Street Sound, York

Class C24  Barbershop Chorus-Female               Main Street Sound, York

Class A7    Solo Verse Speaking                       Gracie Windle

Class A8    Solo Verse Speaking                       Jake Burns

Class A10  Solo Verse Speaking                       Catherine Whitehouse

Class A25  Prepared Story Reading                   Emma Joyce

Class A26  Prepared Story Reading                   Keira Macauley

Class A28  Prepared Story Reading                   Gracie Windle

Class A30  Prepared Story Reading                   Catherine Whitehouse

Class A39  Sight Reading                                Jake Burns

Class A18  Religious Reading                            Jake Burns

Class A44  Original Poem                                 Sophie Pickersgill

Class A78  Public Speaking                              Gracie Windle

Class A12  Solo Verse Speaking                       Elijah Burton

Class A55  Dramatic Scene                             Elijah Burton, Samantha Ashby, BenAinsworth

Class A59  Solo Acting-Comedy                       Lily May Tingle

Class A61  Solo Acting-Comedy                       Sophie Golby

Class A65  Solo Acting                                   Jenny Wilkinson

Best of Classes A58-A65                            Jenny Wilkinson

Class A66  Duologue                                      Arley J Marshall, Adam Gill

Class A67  Duologue                                      Ben Ainsworth, Elijah Burton

Class M8    Piano Solo (Beginners to Grade 1)     Ameya Shenoy

Class M9    Piano Solo -Grade 2                       Calleigh Tan

Class M10  Piano Solo-Grade 3                         Anna Motyl

Class M11  Piano Solo-Grade 4                         Phoebe Burgess

Class M12  Piano Solo-Grade 5                         Issie Jones

Class M14  Piano Solo (age 19 and under)          Adam Hill

Class M15  Piano Solo-Open                            Sophie Golby

Class M16  Piano Recital                                 Nyah May

Class M17  Piano Recital                                 Yanie Chomsin

Class M36  Drums/Percussion Solo-Grade 3        Joshua Siddons

Class M39  Drums/Percussion Solo                    Joe Knox

Class M26  Electric Guitar Solo                         Corey J McNicol

Class M52  Brass Solo-Grade 2                         Lydia Bousfield

Class M54  Brass Solo-Grade 4                        Daniel Wilton

Best of Classes M51-M55                            Daniel Wilton

Class M56   Brass Solo                                   Isaac Bousfield

Class M57   Brass Solo                                   Isaac Bousfield

Class M58   Brass Solo-Open                           Isaac Bousfield

Class M18   String Solo (Beginners to Grade 1)   Harry Fleming

Class M19   String Solo-Grade 2                       Phoebe Burgess

Class M20   String Solo-Grade 3                       Phoebe Burgess

Class M24   String Solo                                  Jason Lok

Class M73   Instrumental Group                        Ackworth School String Orchestra

Class V1     Vocal Solo                                   Tyla Champagnie

Class V10    Humorous/Comic Song                   Tyla Champagnie

Class V14a  Songs from the Shows, Solo           Tyla Champagnie

Class M80   Original Composition-Open              Jack Purchon

Class M81   Family Music                                Rachel, Susan and Andrew Lubelski

Class M82   Open Category Class Instrumental    Wrenthorpe Ululele Players

Class V15a  Songs from the Shows, Solo           Charley Pickerill

Class V16a  Songs from the Shows, Solo           Oran Cosimini

Class V11    Humorous/Comic Song, Solo           Sophie Golby

Class V29    Folk Song, Solo-Open                    Oran Cosimini

Class V32    Vocal Duet                                  Lilly May Wright, Charlotte McBride

Class V34    Vocal Duet-Open                          Sophie Golby, Louis Ashpool

Class V27    Opera Solo-Open                          Sophie Golby

Class V28    Songs from the Shows, Solo-Open   Sophie Golby

Class V14b  Songs from the Shows, Solo           Ione Hunter

Class V17    Popular Song, Solo                       Tyler Jackson

Class V15b  Songs from the Shows, Solo           Sarah Stevenson

Class V18    Popular Song, Solo                       Zara Taylor

Class V16b  Songs from the Shows, Solo           Oran Cosimini

Class V19    Popular Song, Solo                       Oran Cosimini